The Raw Gourmet DVD Set

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Now only 24.95 for the equivalent of 12 hours of live classes with Nomi. Nomi's 4 hour live classes command a fee of $75-150, you do the math! Nomi is going to show you how to make many recipes, and their variations, what to eat for breakfast, how to deal with nuts and seeds, and how to feed a crowd, as well as explanations and demonstrations on how to use a blender, dehydrator, mandline, juicer and spiralizer! Actual written recipes show on screen after each Demo. Whether you are new to raw food or an old timer, enjoy Nomi's energetic, information packed and fun filled Demonstration classes of timeless classics as well as tasty fast and easy meals.

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Raw Food Recipes Galore! Watch as Nomi Shannon, The Raw Gourmet teaches one and a half days worth of food prep on one long playing DVD. Visual learner? You need THIS to GET GOING IN THE KITCHEN. Taught by Best Raw Food Educator of 2008 and Funniest Raw Food Woman of 2009! (Best of Raw Awards)rawgourmet_dvd1


Available All 3 Classes on One Long playing DVD!

equivalent to three (3) 1/2 day Raw Gourmet Classes

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Nomi is selling this long playing DVD at an unbeatable price. Here is a description of what you will learn from each Class:

Volume 1. Raw Recipes-Start Your Day the Healthy Way

After watching this engaging program you will never again wonder how to start your day the healthy way. Nomi Shannon, acclaimed culinary artist and author of the best selling cookbook, The Raw Gourmet, (Nomi Shannon) gives you so many wonderful raw recipe ideas for breakfast and snacks that you may never have to eat the same thing twice!

From the wonder of fruits both familiar and exotic, to juices, smoothies, puddings and cereals, Nomi explores the many options you have. Whether it’s about keeping it light, or learning how to start your day with healthy fare; Nomi shows you how to quickly prepare nourishing living food breakfasts and snacks that fit in with today’s busy lifestyles.

See Nomi demonstrate old-fashioned fruit compote, pineapple-grape ambrosia, smoothies, juices, puddings, cereals and more! Now raw Breakfasts and snacks are quick to make and fun to eat!

Volume 2. Making Meals of Nuts and Seeds

In this entertaining and informative program, world famous culinary artist and author Nomi Shannon, author of The Raw Gourmet, (Alive Books) demystifies the use of nuts and seeds by showing you how to make hearty entrees and protein rich meals.

See Nomi prepare the incomparable Sunny Pate. Learn the best ingredients to use and why. Learn why and how to soak nuts and seeds. And, a first for raw foods, see how to make a special pate that lasts over two weeks in your refrigerator! Watch as Nomi demonstrates how to make: mock salmon, nori rolls, stuffed peppers, ‘neat-balls’ and gravy, Asian Pate, chile rellenos, pates, loaves and burgers.

Learn how to serve food attractively. Watch an easy trick to make perfect cabbage roll-ups time after time. In homes and restaurants alike Nomi’s Sun Garden Burger is the most popular vegetarian burger; see how to make it in your own kitchen. Watch as Nomi demonstrates how to use a dehydrator. Raw food isn’t just a handful of nuts and seeds anymore!

Volume 3. Palate Pleasing Recipes to feed From 4-400!

Watch world-renowned culinary artist Nomi Shannon, author of the best selling food preparation book, The Raw Gourmet, prepare luscious entrees and explain how to easily expand these traditional tasting recipes to feed a crowd. See how to make fabulous spinach mouse, the raw food answer to quiche! Topped with mushroom gravy, this dish is fit for royalty, or your next pot luck event.

Learn how to get rave reviews with an all-raw pasta that satisfies like the pasta served at top Italian restaurants. Finish your pasta off with a marvelous traditional pesto, then with pomadoro or marinara sauce. See how to use raw food kitchen equipment like a mandoline and a saladacco spiral slicer!

Watch as Nomi takes you step-by-step through the process of making authentic-looking and tasting raw lasagna. Learn how to make large quantities of traditional style foods so that you can entertain with pride and certainly. It’s raw food party time! Raw food isn’t just about salad any more!

The total play time of the three DVDs is over two hours
and is equivalent to 12 hours of Raw Gourmet Live Classes!

The Raw Gourmet DVDs

$49.95 now only 24.95

This high quality long playing DVD was filmed in a professional studio with three cameras. See the
same number of recipes created right before your eyes on this DVD as Nomi normally does in 12
hours worth of Live Classes! Learn how to use a spiralizer, mandoline, juicer, blender and dehydrator!

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 by world famous raw food author
Nomi Shannonrawgourmet_dvd1

Look what people are saying about the series:

“.. And, I loved the book, but I just watched the three videos yesterday. Nomi is adorable! She made things so very easy and matter of fact and fun. As a traditionally trained chef, it was amazing how intimidated I was by the raw/living food preparation process! Thanks to Nomi, I realize it is much simpler, and much more fun, than I realized. Thanks, so very much. {Nomi is} comfortable in front of the camera, and had an easy style of communication. I felt like I was in your kitchen with you, not like it was some slick and lifeless program.”

“Nomi, Got the videos yesterday and immediately sat down to watch them. What a joy! So many of the raw videos are poorly produced, but not yours. They are clear and concise and a pleasure to view. The production value is head and shoulders above anything that I’ve seen. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Please make some more soon!”

Available on one long playing DVD

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