Raw/Not Naked, Salad Dressings eBook


Who wants to eat plain salad? Get your family and yourself excited and looking forward to eat all sorts of salads when they are dressed with a yummy salad dressing. Raw But Not Naked means you know how to make a great tasting salad now that you’ve read this little book.



Raw but Not Naked, a little eBook of Salad Dressings contains 16 pages and 17 recipes.

Dressings, gravies and sauces are so important to the raw fooder-they are what makes the taste of your salads soar! Learn about the various bases you can use for fast and yummy dressings and sauces. Once you have mastered the recipes and concepts in this handy and informative little eBook, you will never have to eat a Naked Salad again!

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