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Raw Food Lifestyle: find real success with Nomi Shannon’s The Raw Gourmet. If it’s about LOSING WEIGHT,FEELING BETTER, LOOKING YOUNGER, BECOMING HEALTHIER, GETTING ENERGY, ELIMINATING TOXINS you will find All the Support you Need here.

The Raw GourmetSimple Recipes for Living Well  © by Nomi Shannon (©Nomi Shannon, 1999)

“Foods that are fun and foods that heal were once thought of as incompatible. Within these pages lives a tapestry of delectable, healthful recipes which will eradicate any former notion that you may have had. Nomis’ heart,as well as the experience that she gained here at the Hippocrates Health Institute, really come through in this easy to follow, step-by-step book for better living.”- From the foreword by Brian Clement, author of Living Foods for Optimum Health, and director of Hippocrates Health Institute.

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 Review of The Raw Gourmet, by Mike Adams (The Health Ranger), editor @NaturalNews.com

The beginning of your raw food adventure!  Whether you eat 100 percent raw, want to learn more about living foods, or just want to do a system cleanse of your own, “The Raw Gourmet” is your ultimate guide. At 219 pages, it’s packed with helpful information and healthy recipes developed by author and chef Nomi Shannon for ease of preparation, simplicity and speed, so whatever your level of food expertise or familiarity with raw foods, you should be able to make a great meal. “However far you go,” raves Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, “you will gain enormous benefit from the simple act of following Nomi’s guidance in this wonderful world of power-charged cuisine.”

Choose from:

  • 11 Breakfast foods
  • 18 Juice and blended drink recipes
  • 69 Veggie and salad recipes
  • 29 Entrees
  • 30 Desserts
  • 66 sauce, gravy, soup, dip, dressing, topping and marinade recipes!

Even if you will never go 100 percent raw, knowing how to make your own condiments — including Notmayo! — sauces, gravies, dressings and marinades can keep you from consuming tons of chemical additives in store-bought varieties. But the wholesome recipes are only the beginning of “The Raw Food Gourmet.” You’ll also get valuable information and resources that go beyond the scope of a simple cookbook, such as:

  • Resource guide for foods and equipment
  • Detailed food combining chart
  • 3 week sample menu
  • Grocery guide
  • Suggested shopping list
  • Sprouting chart
  • Seasonal buying chart
  • Special occasion meal suggestions

The Raw Gourmet has an exciting variety of dishes, enabling you to mix a little raw food in your diet each day, go on a three-week cleanse, or go completely raw for life. There is also valuable information in Nomi’s introduction on the health benefits of going raw, how you can benefit from eating live foods, how a raw diet can help reverse disease conditions, and her personal tale of how she freed herself from years of pain and discomfort by switching to a raw diet. “Nomi’s recipes could change your life,” says John Wood, chef of Woody Harrelson’s 02 in West Hollywood.

Since Nomi Shannon is not only a chef but a certified Hippocrates health educator from the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, she’s also included Optimum Choice Raw recipes, which are recipes based on the principles of food combining used at exclusive health retreats and living food health institutes all over America. By following the Optimum Choice Raw recipes, you can get the same experience at home for which a health spa would charge you upwards of $1,000 a day.

Learn how to make:

  • 3 kinds of raw burgers
  • 6 different nut milks
  • Raw pizza-substitute
  • Faux Sushi
  • New versions of your favorite desserts — all raw!

This full-color, glossy 8 1/2 by 11-inch cookbook is filled with beautiful photographs that will inspire you to create your own healthy living foods cuisine — and Nomi’s expert instruction leaves plenty of room for you to play and create, or follow her directions to the letter, whichever you prefer. Each recipe includes notes on how you can make your own variations, and some suggestions for getting creative. The over 200 recipes you’ll find in “The Raw Gourmet” are only the beginning of your raw food adventure!

From Biblical times to now-the fastest growing nutrition and health movement in the world.

Finally, a healthy book designed for the busy consumer who seeks good nutrition but is unable to make tremendous sacrifices in time and budget to obtain it. The Raw Gourmet, a full-color beautifully executed and comprehensive food book contains recipes that bring us the tastes we crave and the live enzymes we need to survive on this planet in this millennium.

Filled with source information and recipes for all occasions from simple to gourmet, this complete book is all the novice or experienced raw fooder or vegan will ever need on their kitchen bookshelf. The flavors of raw cuisine will bring your taste buds to attention with recipes like apple pie, yam pie, nori rolls, stuffed mushrooms, spinach mousse, many vegetable and salad recipes plus dressings, soups, dips, entrees and more. The Raw Gourmet goes giant steps further than anything else you have read in showing how to prepare food for ourselves and our loved ones in less time than conventional cooking with flame.


Nomi ShannonVoted Raw Vegan Chef of The Year 2008


Whether you’d simply like to add more fruit and vegetable servings to your daily life, or want to change your lifestyle in a more dramatic way-This Book Is For You.

Learn about nutrition as prevention against disease.

Combat aging and restore vigor.

Effortlessly obtain 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
Balance your weight easily and naturally.
Enjoy delicious food that is naturally high in fiber.
Learn everything you need to know about a raw food kitchen.
Know what simple items to have on hand to create meals in 15 minutes or less.
Enjoy extravagant and healthy desserts.
Includes a three week cleanse menu plan, properly food combined recipes and more.

Take a look at book’s table of contents.

Take a look at some sample recipes.

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The Little eBook of Raw Soups contains 19 pages and 16 recipes PLUS an article describing the many choices you have for a soup base (similar to soup stock in cooked food jargon), combinations and flavors. Once you have tried the recipes in this informative and handy little book and understand the concepts in it; you will never again be at a loss for a fast and hearty Raw Meal.


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