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This is the Make-ahead raw recipe book! Special Occasion raw recipes from Nomi Shannon and Sheryl Duruz! No need to wonder what to serve at parties, potlucks and important events. Let a pro show you how to upgrade from everyday meals to party fare you’ll be proud to serve.

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1st_placeVoted Raw Vegan Book of The Year 2008
Voted Raw Vegan Chef of The Year 2008
Voted Raw Vegan Educator The Year 2008


Creamy Tomato Lasagne, Recipe on page 18

Prepare this creamy luscious lasagna long before your guests

show up at your door!


Chocolate-Caramel Divine Cheesecake, recipe on Page 24

Serve this mouth-watering masterpiece of a dessert, but make it weeks before!


Thai coconut soup, recipe on page 36

Make this soup on the morning of your event-assemble it quickly with flair when your guests are seated—simple, simple instructions, your 10 year old can do it!!


Apple Cranberry Tart, recipe on page 51

This tart can be served the same day it is made, but it tastes even better when it is prepared the day before your event and refrigerated.

Secrets of Live food entertaining revealed

Want to have a get-together but worried how your meal will turn out? Raw Food Celebrations breaks down each recipe into easy do-ahead steps.

Want a theme party but don’t know where to start?

Raw Food Celebrations offers complete Menu Plans: Thai, Italian, Traditional, Cocktail and more!

Wish you could be more organized?

Raw Food Celebrations gives you a plan- ahead schedule for each menu.

Need to know the details?

Raw Food Celebrations tells you how long each recipe will take you to make, exactly when to make each component, step-by-step, til… before you know it, you are ready- Let the Party Begin..

Don’t have the time to create a special meal for friends and family?

Raw Food Celebrations shows you how to do most of the prep before the day of the event. For example in the Traditional menu the day of the event task is: make Faux Mashed potatoes. THIS IS THE MAKE-AHEAD RAW RECIPE BOOK!

Cheryl and Nomi have done the thinking, you just follow the directions!!

Excerpt from the Introduction of Raw Food Celebrations:

Nomi Shannon, raw food author, chef, and teacher from the United States, and Sheryl Duruz, raw food chef and teacher from Canada and Australia, teamed up across the continents to bring you Raw Food Celebrations: Party Menus for Every Occasion! The outcome of our exciting collaboration is a unique compilation of menus, recipes, full-color photographs, and plan-ahead guides designed to make your entertaining foolproof and fun. Use the menus as they are presented, or mix and match them as you like to create your own eclectic bill of fare.

Our objective with Raw Food Celebrations is to help you enjoy entertaining in your home with ease. We have created menus that range from the traditional to the exotic, including brunch, luncheon, and cocktail party ideas. ..We believe this is the first book of its kind, devoted exclusively to healthful raw menus and recipes designed for entertaining. To help you plan ahead, we’ve ensured that many of the recipes can be prepared in advance, leaving you time to decorate your table and relax a bit before company arrives so you can be the finest host possible.

….Nomi and Sheryl

Excerpt from From The Foreword by Mike Adams


The recipes in this book, Raw Food Celebrations, have become some of my instant favorites. Through Nomi’s and Sheryl’s guidance, these recipes will inspire you, humble you, and reward you with sheer delight as you munch, crunch, and lunch your way from one recipe to the next, treating yourself to the most healthful meals in the world while impressing friends and family with your newfound brilliance for creating genuine cuisine.

Whether you’re looking to dive into a grand expression of raw food artfulness or simply fill your eager tummy with the most beautiful and nutritious foods in the world, Raw Food Celebrations may be just the book you’re looking for. Nomi’s and Sheryl’s guidance provides exactly the direction you need to go from being a raw food novice like me to a true raw food artist respected by friends and family alike. I encourage you to dive right in, turn a few pages, get your hands drenched in lemon juice, and start discovering just how much fun it really is to eat the most healthful foods in the world!


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Raw Food Celebrations,

The make-ahead raw food book

Written by Nomi Shannon and Sheryl Duruz
only 19.95

With full color photos

Review of This Book

Raw Food Celebrations Party Menus for Every Occasion by Nomi Shannon and Sheryl Duruz is a beautiful book with versatile meal plans and lots of great tips for preparation. The heart of the book are the 6 menus, the Italian Menu, the Thai Menu, the Brunch Menu, the Cocktail Hour Menu, the Tradtional Menu and the Light Luncheon Buffet. Each one has more recipes than you really need so you have some flexibility in what you are serving. Each menu has its own specific tips for preparation, plus a schedule of when to shop, when to do advance preparation and what you need to do shortly before serving. The color plates are remarkably lovely and the results are genuine multi-course gourmet meals.
Nomi Shannon has broad training in numerous alternative health modalities, and is a live food lifestyle coach and certified Hippocrates Health Educator.
Sheryl Duruz and her husband Piers founded Raw Pleasure–Australia’s largest raw food community and supplier of raw food equipment, education, and inspiration–and The Living Adventure, the natural lifestyle enhancement experiment seen around the world.

High Praise for Raw Food Celebrations Party Menus for Every Occasion :

” Reading this book is like being right alongside Nomi and Sheryl in a course on raw cuisine. In a uniquely fun and conversational style, they present helpful tips and suggestions on food combining, flavor combinations, and serving sizes, as well as options for using produce in season, menus for various types of events, and beautiful presentation ideas.”- Robin Gregory, chef, Rawlicious Cafe, Toronto

” Raw Food Celebrations takes the guesswork out of live food meal planning. It’s full of time-saving hints and uses ingredients one can find anywhere, making it easy to shop and prepare for dinner guests. I predict that this unique and clever little book will become a well-worn favorite!”- Cherie Soria, author, The Raw Revolution Diet; director, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

” The attention to detail that was taken in the quality of ingredients and recipes, the menu planning and preparation advice, and the artistic food presentation in Raw Food Celebrations is astounding. This book makes it effortless for anyone, regardless of your experience, to successfully host a healthful and delicious raw food feast!”- John Kohler, founder, www.rawfoods.com

” These recipes are not just ‘rawmazing’ but beautifully achievable! I give my highest recommendation to those of you who want to create delicious, nutritious meals filled with flavor.”
Carin Reinhardt, owener, Wild Organic Way Cafe and Juice Bar

” This book will expand and delight your senses, and it will ultimately invite you to experience a much deeper and more rewarding connection with nature than you thought possible. To create such healing artistry from such simple ingredients is, I think, one of the highest expressions of love for life itself.”- Mike Adams (The Health Ranger), editor, NaturalNews.com


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