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Should Supplements be included on a Raw Food Diet?
My Newsletter Opinion in 2000/My Newsletter Opinion in 2007

Written in Sept 2000:2000: Should Supplements be included on a raw food diet?

Many people have asked me how I feel about taking supplements while on a raw food diet. My answer has always been that in a perfect world, with perfect soil, perfect food and perfect eating habits, supplementation would not even need to be considered. Unfortunately, as we all know, this is far from a perfect world. I have never recommended any particular supplement but have always advised personal research. Now, for the first time ever I am endorsing a whole food product that is sometimes referred to as a supplement. In reality it is a wild-crafted fresh water botanical, certified organic whole food. I am talking about E3Live, a liquid form of pure, nutritional blue-green algae.2000: During the years that I worked at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, I enjoyed the benefits of a popular brand of freeze dried nutritional blue green algae. Some of the benefits I noted were greater mental clarity, a better memory, better quality sleep, and consistently high energy. Now, there is a new and stronger life force of nutritional blue green algae technically known as 100% aphanizomenon Flos Aquae-called AFA, for short. Carefully harvested direct from nature, this product retains its original liquid state- it isn’t altered by freeze drying or air flash drying and can be frozen with very little effect on its high energetic and nutritional properties, and delivered to the customer closest to its natural state.

2000: I would like to share with you how E3Live has affected me. Several weeks ago, in August of 2000, I was in Jamaica at a raw food event. I was responsible for creating a formal dinner for 250 people in a kitchen that was to say the least lacking even the most basic equipment, and we were short of help. [2007 note: for the sake of clarity I would like to mention that I took several large shots ofE3Live AFA during that day, straight up, mixed in a smoothie and mixed in some juice later. I had used the product previously, so I wasn’t worried that I would have detoxification symptoms from such large amounts.] Normally, I would be very tired after creating all that food, directing a dozen people, all the while cutting and chopping, and keeping up such a high level of energy to get the job done. In the past after such an event I would go to bed as soon as possible and stay in bed late the next day. But this day was different! I didn’t even want to go to sleep at midnight, but I had to because everyone else was asleep! When my head did finally hit the pillow, I slept like a baby. My feet and legs did not hurt even though I was on them all day on a cement kitchen floor. My energy was consistently high and I handled the extra stress effortlessly. My level of energy and mental clarity was so excellent that I have decided to eat E3Live AFA on a daily basis, not just when there is a big job to do. Many of my peers in the raw food movement are eating E3Live AFA. Plus, I have known the owners of the company for years and know that they have the highest integrity.


2000: Being a super-food, E3Live affects individuals differently. Simply put, it seems to round out any nutritional imbalances and goes to that part of the body where it is most needed. Some of the benefits it is possible to experience while eating E3Live AFA are: Increase in energy/ stamina/ feeling of well-being. Better mental clarity and creativity. Stabilization of mood swings. Balancing of blood sugar levels. Decrease in insulin requirements. Normalization of appetite and weight. Stimulation and enhancement of the immune system. Lower blood pressure. Promote intestinal regularity. Purification of the blood. Stronger nails, smoother skin, and silkier hair. The nutrients contained in E3Live AFA have been reported to improve conditions such as: sinusitis, colitis, allergies, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, poor eyesight, etc. Athletes swear by it. In fact, Grant Hackett who swims for the Australian team just won the gold medal in Sydney, and 58 year old Mary Louise Zeller won the world champion gold medal in Tae Kwan Do in the men and women’s division. They both eat E3Live AFA and give tremendous testimonials.

There have also been some great testimonies about the use of E3Live with our animal friends; cats, dogs, birds and horses in particular. Whether you are transitioning from a SAD diet, or are 100% raw, this product is something that I feel can enhance your well being. It is certainly worth trying as the company stands behind their product 100% and offers a unique money back guarantee good for one full year!!!

2000: Seldom am I as enthusiastic about a product as I am about E3Live. I plan to experiment over the next several months using it in conjunction with fasting. If you decide to try it, please let me know by email how you feel about it.

2000: Vision is the company that produces E3Live AFA. The founder and President of the company is Michael Saiber and its Master Harvester and CEO is Tamara Campbell. There is much nutritional information at their


After 7 years of personally using E3Live, and recommending E3Liveproducts to hundreds of people with great results, I am officially endorsingE3Live AFA (nutritional blue green algae) as well as their high-quality line of products. More accurately called AFA or aphanizomenon flos-aquae,E3Live AFA is considered a food, not a supplement. In addition, they have a small but excellent line of supplements including digestive enzymes and probiotic formulas. And E3Live has formulated a wonderful line of skin care products which I have been enjoying and benefiting from for over a year.

This is the first product of this type that I have ever endorsed. In the coming months and years there may be other products that I recommend, but E3Live AFA is the first because of its quality and usefulness.


2007: WHAT’S NEW SINCE 2000
Let’s see, the short list is: SARS, Bird Flu, epidemic staphylococcus infections generated within hospitals, stem cell research and controversy, soaps and other products with anti-bacterial chemicals added to further diminish the Human immune system, irradiation and pasteurization of traditionally raw foods, e-coli and salmonella breakouts in fresh produce, and I could go on, but let me tell you about some fascinating new scientific research.

{From Primordial Food by Christian Drapeau, MSc. copyright 2003, Unity International} :
“Much attention has recently been brought to the issue of using embryonic stem cells for research purposes and for the development of treatments of various diseases. Embryonic stem cells (ESC) are cells harvested from embryos that have nearly unlimited capacity to regenerate and become any kind of cell in the body. They are the initial precursors of all the cells destined to become the brain, heart, muscles, skin, bones, etc. When transplanted into an adult, ESC have the ability to heal and repair any organ in which they are transplanted, providing an extremely useful tool for the treatment of various degenerative diseases. Treatment with ESC has either been shown or is suspected to improve Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, as well as degeneration of the nervous system.

As an alternative to the [ethical dilemma of harvesting embryonic stem cells], much evidence has accumulated over the past few years indicating that adult bone marrow stem cells might have similar to embryonic stem cells, leading to the hypothesis that stimulation of ..[the]..release of bone marrow stem cells could [be an] effective treatment for various degenerative diseases.

Jensen et al (Jensen and Drapeau (2002) The use of in situ bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of various degenerative diseases. Med Hypotheses 9(4): 422-428) recently proposed the Stem Cell Theory of Healing, Regeneration and Repair. This breakthrough theory suggests that [adult human] bone marrow stem cells leave the bone marrow and travel throughout the body, providing for healing and regeneration of damaged organs during the entire lifetime of an individual. In other words, adult bone marrow stem cells may be one of the natural mechanisms that the human body utilizes for healing, regeneration and repair. (Nomi’s comment: WOW!)

According to this theory, there is no need to harvest embryonic stem cells.Regeneration can take place simply by stimulating the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and stimulating their migration into tissues. The task is therefore to simply find natural compounds able to stimulate stem cell release and migration. Such compounds could be used for the daily enhancement of the body’s natural mechanism of healing and regeneration.

The only such natural compound known to date is AFA {a fresh water botanical], which has been recently shown to stimulate stem cell release and migration. Based on this information, a patent has been filed regarding the use of AFA for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiac arrest recovery, and regeneration.” End of quote from book

I have often wondered just what it is about E3Live Fresh frozen AFA that makes it such an effective super-food. When scientists set out to study AFA, that process led them to the discovery of the natural phenomenon that since the dawn of time, man’s bone marrow stem cells have migrated to other tissues in the body to heal and regenerate. And that AFA is the first known natural product discovered that enhances this phenomenon. If this theory is true, then that is the answer to the question what is in AFA that seems to help so many people and so many situations.

The greatest benefit to eating all or high raw vegan food besides feeling and looking well is the support and enhancement of the immune system. If one could take measures to keep their immune system strong, then it stands to reason they would have less anxiety about things such as SARS, bird flu or e-coli. With scientific evidence that indicates AFA stimulates the navigation of stem cells from the bone marrow into the areas of the body that need it for healing and repair, and with empirical evidence that it makes you feel better WHY NOT TRY IT?

WHY NOT INDEED -The E3Live company offers the following guarantee:
We are so confident that you will “feel the difference” that we are happy to offer this guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied with E3Live (or any E3 product) at any time up to one year, your money will be returned. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO SMALL PRINT.

As I am officially endorsing E3Live products, they are being featured on my website.



For most of my life, I suffered from serious allergies and sinus infections. Even sinus surgery failed. Absolutely nothing helped until I began eatingE3Live AFA. I am now free of both problems. .Dave, Oregon

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 19 years ago. I’ve always had trouble keeping my blood sugar regulated. I’ve tried many diets, and none have ever come close to controlling my blood sugar like E3Live AFA has. I’ve had a considerable reduction in my insulin since I began taking E3LiveAFA four months ago and my night vision has improved as well.Susan, Oregon

As an author, public speaker and meditator, E3Live AFA helps keep my mind sharp, my energy high and my spirit peaceful. I appreciate E3Live‘s exquisite ability to bring me back from mental fatigue and help prepare me for meditation. Eliot Jay Rosen, Los Angeles Times bestselling author of Experiencing the Soul

Although E3Live makes no medical claims, there have been promising nutritional studies showing that AFA boosts the human immune system. “In one study, two hours after eating 1.5 grams of AFA, an average of 40% (1 billion) of the immune system’s natural killer cells migrated from the bloodstream into the tissues to do their work of seeking out and destroying cancerous cells and virally infected cells. No other food, drug, or substance is known to produce such dramatically positive effects on natural killer cell activity as AFA nutritional algae.” 1998, Jensen, et al, IBC Library Series, Vii. 1911, chapter 3.1

My 12 year old son was too “high energy” since the day he was born. He had a hard time concentrating and had a 30% average in public school. We started with only one AFA capsule for the first two days. On the third day we gave him 2 capsules. We saw an immediate improvement in his ability to concentrate which has only improved over time. His grades are now up to 80%. We are all very happy knowing that our son has a bright future ahead. Lorane, Florida

“As a physician working with thousands of clients, I find that E3Live AFA helps to restore overall biochemical balance by nourishing the body at the cellular level. The positive response from the use of E3Live has been extraordinary. Eating E3Live has the potential to enhance every aspect of our lives-mind, body and soul.” Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD (H) World respected holistic physician/psychiatrist, Author of Conscious Eating, Depression-Free for Life, Seven-Fold Peace and several other books.

E3Live is the freshest and by far the best AFA on the market! I recommend E3Live over any other nutritional blue green algae. Test and be convinced!” David Wolfe Nationally known health educator and author of the best-selling books: The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating for Beauty.