Learn Raw Food "How-To's" That Apply To YOU

box-3If you eat a green smoothie for breakfast, do you start to wonder what you should eat for lunch? Or Snacks? Or Dinner? Well, you’re not alone. If youve got a bookcase filled with recipes and you still wonder what specifically will work for you all the recipes in the world can’t answer that question. Or, maybe you’ve tried raw and you haven’t been able to make it work for you.

Get ready to learn and apply 30 years of raw food know-how to your life. Understand how to achieve optimum health, vitality and anti-aging with a plan that WORKS. Learn specific how-to’s that apply to YOUand your busy life from me, your very own  raw-food expert. To learn more about me and my teaching, writing and cooking experience please visit this page. Our consultation will empower you. Not only will I make tailored-to-you suggestions about food, recipes, menu plans, supplements, etc, but I will guide you  in doing your own research, for example, giving you the name of an expert on a subject that is important to you, or suggesting a book to read or a clinic to find out more about.

I believe that we each need to be our own health expert and  I will do my best to inform and guide you in that direction.  Our conversation will begin with a complimentary 10-minute phone call to determine how I can best be of help to you. If we both decide it is a good fit, we can set up individual sessions or a 90-day support program to help you transition to your ideal state

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