A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things. When the dog bites, When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens are pretty fabulous in their own right. but my list is a wee bit more practical and it’s totally health and well-being oriented.
These are some of the tried and true products that I use in my daily life and/or count on to help family, friends and clients.

earthygirlbannerE3Live Raw Gourmet Special Selection
My Top Five Favorite E3 Live Products- with a 20% Holiday Discount Great for Travel, no refrigeration or freezing required Contains: 50 days worth of AFA powder, 50 days worth of BrainOn, 20-60 days worth of Nomi Approved Enzymes, 30 days worth of Nomi Approved pro-biotics and 30 days of ReNew me or as I think of it “rocket fuel”… can get these 5 products in powder form (my choice) or capsules. Your Raw Gourmet discount is available only by phoning E3Live Mon-Fri at 888-800-7070. Ask for capsules code: RGcapsules, or powder code: RGpowder. For the best immune support try E3Live’s frozen liquid formula’s. Recently E3Live has developed excellent pro-biotics and enzymes, which now makes it a One stop shopping destination because, these two items combined with their green products Is a total winner. Other things I love at e3Live is their products for animal and their skin care line. I admit I love all their products consider them to be superior and their customer support is excellent. More info from me here..


Medical-Breakthrough-smThe Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments Health Secrets and Little-Known Therapies For Specific Health Conditions from A-Z by Medical Research Associates You receive ongoing access to updated online info with purchase of this amazing book. My physical copy has 100 sticky-notes all over it. Now I know it’s best to get both the physical AND the digital versions so I can print up important pages, instead of sticky-note. One thing I found out about in this book is worth 100 times the cost and it just might have saved some lives. I simply can not recommend this book highly enough it’s a must-have for every health coach and every person interested in alternative treatments. This book is literally a life saver, if not for you than maybe for a friend or relative……The people who wrote this book are a medical researcher and many medical doctors who have contributed to it. This book is my first go to resource and it’s been a tremendous help for as I said but it bears repeating, not only myself but my clients too. More info from me here


Beautiful_Banner-newAnn Marie Skin Care Starter Kit Travel Pak + Gift Certificate. There really is nothing like Annmarie’s formulations they are totally pure. Here is a way to try some of them out, virtually for free. I just love the sample kit, I buy a few at a time-it enables me to ‘travel light’. You have 3 choices, Mature (this is what I get) it is for mature/dry skin they also have Balance for normal/ combo skin, and Purify for oily/acne. The mature sample kit contains: aloe/herb facial cleanser, anti-aging facial oil (divine!) and anti-aging serum. I just love their Neroli spray too. They have a non toxic sun screen too. ASC is on the cutting edge of divine-scented, pure skin care and..a little bit goes a long way.. more info from me here..


Juice-Feasting-Logo-2Juice Feasting With David & Katrina Rainoshek My friend David Rainoshek has a Masters Degree in Raw Food from Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Wow I would have jumped all over that if such a thing existed back in the day when I was learning about raw food. I’ve come to respect David for his deep knowledge about raw food and science; this course was created by David and it is profound. Normally I am not keen on changing ‘time honored’ protocols such as juice fasting, but what David has created is doable while you are working full time and I have come to respect this protocol as well as the man himself. You hear the word “cleansing” thrown around a lot in natural health circles, but few people actually understand how cleansing really works and what is truly possible. That’s why many of us do not heal. Over 10 years ago, when David was ill, he tried using his juicer to juice fast, did the Master Cleanse for 12 days, and even tried water fasting. But he found that those cleanses are too extreme, too weak or too short for most people who need to address chronic health concerns. So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or have tried Drs. visits, supplements, prescriptions and still know that things aren’t right, look into David’s Juice Feasting. He offers a ton of support and you don’t have to lie in bed resting while you are doing the protocol. More info from me here


what-eatWhat do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2
This is a stunning-full color book. In it, 24 successful raw fooders wrote down everything they ate for one full week. Filled with recipes (hundreds!) photos (tons!) and heartfelt personal stories, this will make a wonderful gift to the raw curious person in your life (you?) Even if you aleady own 10,000 raw recipes, what you find out in this book is how to eat for a whole day, a whole week, if you have a green smoothie in the morning, what should you have for lunch. Get all your like this questions answered; learn by example.


fatThe Healing Fats of Life
This little book doesn’t talk about raw food, but in it you’ll be able to find out how the healthiest people in the world use the power of “forbidden fats” to: reverse years of mental decline, boost brain power, prevent dementia and even conquer Alzheimer’s, eradicate heart disease, safely lower cholesterol levels without dangerous statins, supercharge your immune system, normalize blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes, shed belly fat and those pesky pounds, create boundless energy, balance hormones, reduce stress levels and rejuvenate your skin, teeth and gums. This book has cutting edge information that reverses the nutrition information from just a few years ago regarding fats. More info here….


static1.squarespace.comKale and Coffee One Man’s brutally honest journey into the realm of cleansing, what worked and what didn’t and the lessons learned. By Nomi’s dear friend Kevin Gianni. Laugh, cry and learn from this warm and wonderful man. I know Kevin and Annmarie pretty well. We’ve been friends since the first day we met in 2008. So it was pretty surprising when I read his latest book, Kale and Coffee that I found out stuff about him that I never knew! Only Kevin can entertain, educate and pull heart strings all at the same time. And, if it’s honesty you like, it’s honesty you’ll get from Kevin. If a protocol doesn’t work he tells it like it is. And he will literally climb mountains to find out important information for us all. What a guy. Really. There is no one like him…it comes through in his book very clearly (I Laughed, I cried). Ya gotta read it here!…


Every Day Living. I’ve been cleaning my home and my fruits and veggies with this amazing product for over ten years. 100% plant based and pure. Odorless and versatile; I dilute it 18:1 for cleaning the kitchen and food. Stronger for tougher jobs, I rely on Enviro-One for almost everything and have never used more than 1 gallon of it in a year, which also makes it amazingly economical. Here’s some of the things I use Enviro one for: I travel with a small spray bottle of it to CLEAN EVERYTHING. I occsionally brush my teeth with it to get my choppers extra clean and shiny. I don’t bathe or shower with it because my skin is dry, people with oilier skin than mine (everyone) often use it for personal bathing. Cleaning the bathrooms including the toilets. Dog baths. Floors. Outdoor furniture. Car interior. Where I use it most is the kitchen. Besides washing fruits and veggies, all the dishes, floors, counters, sinks, cabinets. When you order it, order 3-4 spray bottles, I also order foamer bottles for next to the sink it comes out as a foam when you use them. They have a Guidelines booklet that tells you how to clean (what % enviro-one to water) engines, tires, grease on driveways, etc. it is totally NON TOXIC. You can drink it. I don’t know who would want to but you can. More info here…

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