Some Amazing Facts To Consider During National Nutrition Month

The 8 Rules for Good Health:
· smoke

· drink

· do drugs

· Exercise

· Eat Right

· Learn to Deal with Stress

· Cleanse your body

· Eat Less

Five Ways to Increase Your chances of having a Heart Attack

1. Sitting all day

2. Eating a lot of meat and cheese

3. Cooking with Natural Gas (from fumes, keep your vent on, windows open when cooking with gas)

4. Cooking with soybean oil or shortening/hydrogenated fat

5. Using indoor tanning machines

6. Not getting enough sleep

The 10 Countries Where People Live the Longest:
10: Norway
9: Israel
8: Sweden
7: Australia
6: France
5: Spain
4: Iceland
3: Japan
2: Italy
1: Switzerland

Surprise!? Unites States is not on this list, it’s #16.

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