Today  I  had a wonderful eating experience I thought would be fun to share with you.
Usually I drive 10 minutes to a large park to walk with my dog but today time was limited so I walked him in the neighborhood instead.
I am so happy that I did because I found a huge amount of both Miners Lettuce and fresh new Fennel fronds.
I had some miners lettuce in my yard but it’s pretty much gone now. I do still have some Malva which is a very yummy green in my yard.
I have never noticed miners lettuce in the neighborhood but there is tons this year. It likes shade which is why there’s none left in my yard.
Years ago when my friends the Boutenkos where hiking along the Continental Divide they talked about miners lettuce a lot but I had no idea what it was. It turned out that it is only in the West and at the time I was living in the East.
So I picked big bunches of both miners lettuce and nice fresh new fennel fronds, which were growing on dead looking stalks  from last year.
I gave them a quick wash and put them in the blender, along with 12 ounces of water, and three navel oranges from my orange tree. When I peeled them I tried to leave on as much of the white pith as I could.
I blended this up and it was pretty sweet as is. I only added a few
drops of stevia, then I added 2 heaping teaspoons of Health Force Nutritional Vitamineral Green ( I use this and also my favorite E3Live frozen liquid sometimes at the same time and sometimes I take- turns
they are both really awesome products.)
Plus I added 2 heaping tablespoons of Healthforce Nutritional’s Warrier Food which is a good source of raw protein that I like to add to my smoothies as I don’t eat many nuts- so my protein comes mainly from high amounts of greens.
This was just plain yummy as is but there was room in the blender and it wasn’t cold and I like my smoothies cold. So I added a small handful of frozen whole cranberries and a cup or so (I didn’t really measure -just poured from the bag into the blender) of frozen blueberries. This created about 52 ounces of very lovely smoothie.
I had half this morning and will have the rest later today or tomorrow.(Stored in a quart sized Mason Jars and Lid.)
I have to say that I notice the difference when I eat wild greens as opposed to store bought greens. I feel more energy and even sometimes notice I can think more clearly. There is little doubt in my mind that wild grown has more nutrition in it than anything I can purchase.
Right now the following is available in my neighborhood in the country about 10 miles inland, in north county San Diego: Fennel (or anise), miners lettuce, malva, nasturtiums (leaves and flowers on my neighbors land), and Stinging Nettle.
I plan to get out and cut down as much of the nettle as I can and will dehydrate it and turn it into my own superfood powder. People make tea from stinging
nettle as well as add it to smoothies. I have to be careful with it, my throat can itch if I simply add it to a smoothie, so I think dehydrating then blending into
a powder should do the trick.
You can google each of these items to get the nutritional breakdown as well as find photos of them but it’s also a good idea to own several books on foraging. I own about 4-5 books, with photos. Several I use so often I keep them in my kitchen. If you haven’t got any, start first at the library and look for books that feature your part of the country. I have discovered that there’s lots of overlap tho, I find things here that are more commonly found on the east coast.
It goes without saying that it’s very important that what you take from the wild to eat you are SURE it’s what you are seeing in the book. And, try not to pull things up by the roots, leave some to continue to grow and to feed
the animals and other smart people like you.
It feels so good to know about these five items within my reach, for free -available right now. Every season I try to know about at least 4 types of things that grow in the wild that I have access to.
This is really spring here now and there are probably things in sight that I don’t realize are edible. But it does seem like such a good idea for me to know of at least some edibles nearby for all the seasons of the year.
I was reminded of the the idea to makemy own superfoods from a book my friend Dr. Ritamarie and I wrote. Together Dr. Ritamarie and I share over 50 years of knowledge and expertise in the raw food department…
Here’s the info on our book (and CDs)
I hope that you look around your neighborhood to see what you can find that is in nature that you can eat, food that grows in the wild is plentiful, the price is right, and it’s filled with nutrients that are hard to find from farm grown items.
Wishing you lots of fun foraging in the urban and country wild!

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