Q. I am a 25 year old male and grew up on fast food and a sugar addiction. What can I do now to reverse that? I am a high raw vegan now and have been for almost a year but am interested in a cleanse. What do you recommend?

A. There’s many ways to cleanse. For cleansing 101 my old standby is a health food store product called Ultimate Defense, by Nature’s Secret. You can try different products, one at a time to see what works best for you. For an easy cleanse like one of these, I suggest a three month regimen, with some colonics too if you can find a colon hydro-therapist in your area. There are cleanses that are much more powerful than these mentioned; but as a beginner I would try these and then see if you feel that you would like to go further with it down the road. Other things to consider as you learn and grow would be juice feasting or juice fasting or –ultimately- supervised water fasting.

Q. What is best for arthritis? Ruth

A. From a food stand point, arthritis is a disease of acidity, so it is important to learn to stay in a mostly alkali mother had terrible rheumatoid arthritis, the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Here is what her diet consisted of: black coffee, milk, meat, a few vegetables, potatoes…lots and lots of sweets: candy, pastries, hot fudge sundaes, apple pancakes. So, that’s how NOT to eat. Concentrate on fresh, raw veggies, fruits, greens, some nuts and seeds. Not all raw food is alkalizing, you can find acid/alkali charts online.

Low fruit green smoothies would be a good way to start the day as well as energy soups and salads. For protein use tahini, almond butter or the nuts themselves, sunflower seeds and almonds. Stay away from high sugar items and watch your intake, keeping acid forming foods to a minimum. I have seen arthritis 100% turned around in as little as ten days on an all raw program that includes drinking wheatgrass juice, eating lots of sprouts, and doing internal cleansing daily (colonics or enemas).

Something else that has proven to be very helpful with the various kinds of arthritis (rheumatoid, osteo, etc) as well as any type of inflammation, is taking digestive enzymes that are high in protease (or just high protease enzymes without the word digestive). Not only before each meal, which is a good way to start, but for a therapeutic use, taking them between meals. Work up slowly.

Probiotics are another supplement to consider using. It’s amazing how many people are running around with messed up guts. If your gut doesn’t have the right flora in it, then it’s got health-sapping bad flora. There is no way a person can have great health if their gut isn’t right.

Q. What is best for cancer patients to take? Or at least the most important?

A. I firmly believe that if a person has cancer, they really shouldn’t take the time to experiment, or be half-hearted with an alternative program. With cancer- trying to choose the one or two or three most important things in a program rather than embracing the entire program is a waste of precious time. Alternative methods work but none will work overnight!

The sooner you begin, the better your chances are of recovering. If you want to “go alternative” go all the way. By this I mean get yourself to one of the three week all raw programs that are out there. Several are listed in the back of my book The Raw Gourmet. Look up, and… In the meantime while you are deciding: go all raw, (stop eating all bad stuff NOW: sugar, flour, artificial sweeteners, coffee, dairy, meat etc..) take lots of green foods like wheatgrass juice, E3Live superfood (the frozen liquid), chlorophyll, spirulina, chlorella, etc.. Take a bit of time to make a decision and then get immersed in a program.

If this is not possible or if you are using allopathic methods right now, then at least book a consult with someone who can give you some guidelines. Using alternatives while also doing allopathic methods can help with the side- effects at least.

Here is a book I really like that offers multiple alternative cancer treatments, very few of which are expensive, most are very reasonable:
Outsmart Your Cancer, Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work, by
Tanya Harter Pierce. I am sure Amazon has it.

Also, a more general health book but the one book I’ve found that offers excellent research and answers to many health issues, including the cancers-everyone needs to have this in their home: The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments…

Q. I want to make my protein, calcium intake in the delicious raw nuts, seeds, sprouted beans but I get slight head tightness and ear ringing gets stronger. I can not take animal products, they make a worst reaction.

A. I wouldn’t eat the beans. Beans should not be consumed raw; even if sprouted. The only raw legume I would eat is sprouted lentils. Try tahini as a good, easily digestible source of protein, calcium, good fat…I can’t guess what head tightness means or ringing ears is from; but I can tell you that’s a bit unusual. Don’t mix a lot of different foods in the same meal and question if you may have some food allergies.

Q. HI, I have been raw for almost a year and my fibromyalgia is getting much worse. I had diabetes and high blood pressure but am now free of that. I have tried exercise but I cannot do much as it is too painful. I take no pain meds or other drugs. My doctor has no solution but do you have any ideas?

A. Every day people tell me that they are raw. But there’s different ways of being raw. If you are eating a lot of nuts and nut butters and not enough veggies and greens and liquids, like water, you should take a look at your diet and see if there are still ways to clean it up.
I have some protocols for chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia that help a great deal. If you are still having problems you might want to consider booking a phone consult with me to go over your diet and see where it can be improved as well as discuss proven protocols for your remaining health issue.

Q. Does the ingestion of natural sugars (fruit) increase inflammation? What about blending bananas with lots of greens—does that have the same effect?

A. Everything within reason. When you blend bananas with greens or any fruit with greens for that matter, the large amount of greens seems to mitigate the effects of sugar, this is why the green smoothie is such a big craze…it’s a great way to take in lots of greens in a really palatable way.

Yes, I feel that ingestions of sugars, natural or not, can increase inflammation in some/many people some/all of the time.

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