As you may know, I live in Calfiornia. And I thought that votingYES on Prop 37 was ‘in the bag’, until I started to see the ads that are on TV constantly. They are very believable ads. You see, apparently the pesticide companies are spending one million dollars a day on these ads, so that the food consumer won’t have the right to know that there are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in food they are buying and eating.

This is NOT about ENDING GMO’s. This is simply about LABELLING FOOD. (Most countries in the world have banned GMO food. )

This is simply the right to know what we are buying. Now I am seeing ads with ‘Drs’ saying it’s not necessary to know this, and with ‘farmers’ saying it will cost them millions of dollars of prop 37 passes.

I’ve already voted because there are apparently not 250 registered voters in my town of 1800, (another issue there) and I was relieved to see the ballot description was short and to the point, but the truth is, this Proposition may not go through. It’s so hard to fight the big guns, by the way the same legal people who fought to keep tobacco from being labelled unsafe are in this game too.

Below is an article written by my friend Ocean Robbins. Thank you Ocean for allowing me to put this out to my list as you and your organization know so much more about this than I do. If you live in California please read this or, when you vote please VOTE YES ON PROP 37.


Hi nomi,

You may have never heard of Henry I. Miller, but right now he and Monsanto are trying to use lies to determine the future of food in the United States!

Mr. Miller is the primary face and voice of the “No on Prop 37” campaign in California. Monsanto and a team of pesticide and junk food companies are spending more than $1 million every day trying to convince California voters that they’re better off not knowing whether the food they eat is genetically engineered. Henry I. Miller  — who happens also to be a lobbyist for big tobacco, big oil, and the legalization of DDT — is their #1 spokesperson.

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