From The Little Book of Raw Smoothies, by Nomi Shannon

Pretty simple. You need a blender, preferably a powerful one. You need a liquid base, like water, orange, apple, grape, pineapple, cranberry juices, nut milk, etc. And you need a supply of fresh and frozen fruit. The sky is the limit for the type of frozen fruits to have on hand. Bananas are important. Buy them in quantity when ever you go shopping, allow them to get very ripe, far riper than you would for eating, almost squishy actually. Peel, bag and freeze. Some people leave the peel on then freeze, but that makes for a lot of work and Very Cold Hands.

In the frozen section of your grocery store you will find: mango, all types of berries, peaches, pineapple, etc. Then the magic secret ingredient for optimal health and nutrition: greens* lots of greens added in to most any smoothie recipe: sprouts* of all kinds, (except the really spicy ones like radish) packaged organic mixed greens (often called ‘mesclun’), kale, spinach or any other green leafy vegetable.

The final rule: variety. Alternate the fruits you use and the types of greens. If a recipe in this booklet does not mention greens, you can still add anything from a handful to 3 -4 cups of greens, or more. Start with a small amount and work up to a large amount of greens, the more, the better. Think of it-if you have 5-6 cups of greens in your morning smoothie, you have just eaten the equivalent of 2 large salads and it’s not even 9AM!!

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