Juicing vs. Smoothies

Q. Hi Nomi, what is the difference between juicing and making smoothies?  What are the advantages/disadvantages of both? 

A. Juicing has no pulp in it; it’s just the liquid from the carrots, greens or whatever it is that you are juicing. Therefore it is very high in nutrients, and very simple and rapid to digest.

The benefits of juicing are that you can have high nourishment while simultaneously giving your body a rest from all the work it does digesting, assimilating and eliminating.

Used on its own for a period of time, juicing is a type of ‘fast’ or cleanse. Used in conjunction with eating, for example having one day a week for juices only, or starting off the day with juices until 10AM or noon is a way people combine juicing with eating.

Smoothies, on the other hand, are a full meal and have all the original fiber in the food. You are blending the whole food into a puree, which makes it easier to digest, and you are also able to mix foods and nutrients that you would not normally be able to in one meal.

I could never eat the amount of greens I take in one green smoothie if it were a salad. In essence, I am kind of turning the high amount of greens I am consuming in my smoothie into a ‘superfood’ classification. Just due to the higher volume I consume than if it were a salad.

There are other conveniences to smoothies, such as being able to consume a good meal more rapidly than sitting down and trying to get the necessary nutrients, fiber, calories etc in a giant salad or other mixture.

Both smoothies and juices are wonderful and, depending on your choice of produce, can be very alkalizing too.

You can not live on only juices forever. You would lose too much weight, and the body does need fiber. You probably could live on a variable assortment of smoothies both sweet and savory, and I think some people do. It is very important to change out what greens are used very often.

When I have a few quarts of green smoothies made in the refrigerator it makes it so easy to just go eat something that I like and is good for me.

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