I have recurrent day dreams about helping people who suffer from illness. Maybe you do too? I don’t know maybe it’s an occupational hazard known only to me….I’ve never talked about it with anyone.


I’ve been having this type of daydream for many many years about the actress and activist Elizabeth Taylor, who died at age 79.   She was THE Beauty, Fame, Scandal and Gossip all during my growing up years. I was fascinated by her. There was a lot to admire about Elizabeth Taylor, her early activism re: AIDS/HIV was at the time nothing short of heroic.

When she was very young, around 9 years old, she suffered a severe injury during the filming of the movie National Velvet. She fell off her horse. Since that time Elizabeth  had used pills for the constant pain she was in and this of course got worse as she aged.


I suppose 79 years isn’t a terribly short life so maybe it’s more about the quality of life I’m thinking about.  Her life was filled with one health crisis after another, in large part in my personal opinion from the continual suppression of symptoms with stronger and stronger drugs and of course the misuse of alcohol etc.

Yes Elizabeth I daydreamed long and often about helping you with your diet and introducing you to detoxification and green foods and natural supplements and herbs and protocols to help you deal with your injuries and if started 20-15 or even 10 years ago….to stave off and or avoid the terrible illnesses and suffering you endured these past years.


I have had these thoughts about many other public figures, most recently Elizabeth Edwards who passed away from cancer
after years of publicly saying she had terminal cancer that was being ‘maintained’ by drugs. Guess anyone would die if they were thinking they had terminal cancer. This particularly had me frustrated -these were educated wealthy people who had anything and everything at their disposal and they never gave a thought to alternative forms of healing? Ouch.

And often in the news one sees people who are suffering from the effects of drug intoxication. Conventional Rehab takes care of the psychology of it but until you can cleanse your tissues of that substance its grown used to, all the will- power in the world is not going to keep you away from your addiction. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen I have been thinking about your well-being and how if only you could be exposed to the miracles of cleansing and healing how you could live out your destinies as the talented and fine people you really are and could be.

So Beautiful Elizabeth Taylor I am sorry that you suffered so, and I thank you for the many years of entertainment you provided. And I wish I could have met you and then convinced you to try the alternative health approach.

Who will I daydream about now?

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