Note from Nomi: I often receive questions from people who live outside of the US. The writer, Corina, obviously speaks a language other than English, I admire people who make the effort to communicate in a language not their own. It’s certainly something I am not able to do. So rather than edit, I left her charming note to me as is.

Dear Nomi,I really appreciate the effort you put in your newsletter, it makes me feel special and cared. Thank you again, you are an inspiration for me and your advices are really from the heart. I would like to succeed too in healthy eating, I am trying to eat clean, but probably I am not doing my best. I admire your long term success being raw, it looks like you discovered what is working best for you. This is why I dare to ask you a question, I hope you have a bit of time for an answer. I have given up eating meat more than a year ago, since then rarely I ate dairy products too. I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, sprouts, nuts, seeds and legumes. But, my blood tests indicate I have B12 and vitamin D deficiency. How can I solve B12? Do you have rejuvelac every day or take probiotics daily? or spirulina, chlorella? To be honest, I am not very strict with these, probably this is why I am lacking it. I read many books, by dr Robert Morse, dr Norman Walker, dr Colin Campbell, and others and most of them do not advocate for supplementing.Could you kindly suggest me something? Thank you so much, I really appreciate your answer.

Warm Regards, Corina

From NomiHi CorinaThank you for writing. In the case of BOTH Vitamin D and B12 I DO recommend supplementing. Being vegan it’s hard to get B12. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has long recommended supplementing with B12. 
I would also take a vitamin B complex (all the B vitamins) AND supplement with B12. The best way I’ve found to assimilate B12 is with a patch, there are several brands. Most B12 supplements are made of cyanocobalamin which the body does not do a good job of assimilating. What you want to look for in a B12 is methylcobalamin. I’ve tried it in many forms but the patch works best for me. I would definitely take vitamin D daily.  As we age it is more difficult for the body to make it from the sun. I was shocked several years ago when I was told I was deficient. I live in California where it is sunny all the time. A few years ago the ‘numbers’ for Vitamin D levels were changed (how it shows up in your blood) and so many people have now been told that they are deficient. In fact, many people are prescribed very high dose of D3 by their physicians which is a good way to bring up your levels quickly, then maintain with an over the counter lower dose such as 2000 or 5000 units daily. Consult with your physician on this. If you are deficient in BOTH B12 and D you must be feeling tired. Either deficiency can lead to you being very unwell. I take them both every day and recommend that you do as well. Check with your physician and be sure to follow up with further blood tests at a time they recommend. Having a healthy gut, and healthy levels of Vitamin D are the basics of having a strong immune system.Low levels of B12 can result in depression and many other symptoms.

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