Just wanted to let you know that I made the onion bread.  Easy to do; but hard to spread on the trays when you have arthritis in your hand.  I don’t remember how many hours I had it in the dehydrator but it did make a lot and is very good. Glad that I made it and that I won’t have to do it again for some time. I had also previously made the flax seed crackers. I also tried many of your soup recipes plus of course the green drinks.  I am enjoying the newness of raw gourmet. gail

Get yourself an ‘offset’ spatula. It isn’t straight but kind of ‘steps-down’ an inch or two and is easier to handle.

Here are some I found at

Another thing that could work is one of those stainless steel scrapers people use nowadays to gather up chopped up things. Here’s a bunch at amazon. (cut and paste this long address line into your web browser address bar it probably won’t work if you click on it on three lines)

Even something like a light weight rolling pin my help you spread stuff on the trays. Look around your kitchen an olive oil or wine bottle…see what you can see –that you can use to keep your hand mostly out of a spreader/smoother of the batter on the trays

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