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We have discussed variety a lot during this course; variety of leafy greens and how important rotating is due to the small amounts of toxins in all veggies.  Does this also apply to wheat grass?  At HHI they suggested taking wheat grass shots every day.  I get sick to my stomach after taking wheat grass shots for several weeks in a row and have to take a break and before going back to taking shots every day.  I am wondering if this upset stomach could be due to the lack of rotation. Also, please keep in mind I am taking these on an empty stomach and eating 90% raw.

What are your thoughts?

This is an interesting question. As you probably know I worked at both HHI (for some years) and at OHI, both programs do involve daily wheatgrass. I know many people who have taken it daily for years on end. I took it daily for months and months on end.

I have several thoughts. First I have never been made aware that wheatgrass and the other grasses offer up this same issue but it’s certainly a possibility. I have two suggestions. The first –since you tolerate it then after a few weeks start getting sick to your stomach, it does sound like detox. I know I sound like a broken record here: detox, detox, detox…but it does sound like you get to a point in your cleansing where you’re going deeper.

So, stopping because you are uncomfortable could be keeping you from a deeper cleansing and healing.
So you could do as I suggested to Amber—take kinder care of yourself, go for a colonic, rest, get a massage. Add lemon to your wheatgrass……
The second suggestion which is kind of expensive, if you are growing your own wheatgrass anyway, and that is to switch to the frozen E3Live. It offers much the same benefits as wheatgrass, it is harvested from a pristine lake. Please check E3live out at my site under supplements. It tastes better and maybe you just need to change out what you’re doing.


Q. Hello, Nomi. What is a good green juice for detox. I’m making a green juice out of kale, wheatgrass, broccoli. Please do you have a better recipe. Thanks a lot. I’m been a raw foods person for almost three months, but not 100% yet. Mary A. Arrgh!! Gee, I am tough but that combination does not sound very appealing. I have found over the years that a great shortcut way to tell if a person ‘has the right stuff’ to turn out to be a long term raw fooder or not is if they make a concoction that they know is good for them, and even though it doesn’t taste fabulously delicious, they are willing to lean against the counter day after day and drink it or eat it. You have all the makings of a long-term raw fooder if you have been drinking that brew for awhile!

Wheatgrass is usually taken alone, though it can be mixed in with carrot juice or similar, many feel in order to obtain all its therapeutic value it’s best to use it alone. No need to rinse off your juicer, you can then go on to make your green drink. I don’t know what type juicer you are using, if have a Green Star you can make up enough green drink to last 24 hours if kept in a well-sealed container (see more about this below). You can improve the taste of strong kale and other strong tasting greens with items like celery and cucumber. Many people make 50% carrot and 50% green. The green mitigates the high sugar content of the carrot and the carrot makes the green more palatable. Sprouts are very valuable in juice, in fact at Hippocrates Health institute the green drinks are made up almost entirely of sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts with some cucumber and maybe a little celery. Experiment and come up with several combinations that you love. Other greens or veggies to try: cabbage, parsley, spinach, beet greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, wild picked weeds, chard, watercress, flavor with small amounts of ginger, garlic, fennel, radish….

You can also use a small amount of apple to make a strong green juice more palatable. There is no need to suffer! Check out Page 26 of my book The Raw Gourmet, it lists lots of juice combinations to try-

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