Diet and Health Consult with Nomi

If you eat a green smoothie for breakfast, do you start to wonder what you should eat for lunch? Or Snacks? Or Dinner? Well, you’re not alone. Despite a book case filled with recipes, if you still wonder just
what specifically will work for you… all the recipes in the world can’t answer that question. Or, perhaps you’ve tried raw…over and over and you can’t seem to make it work for you.

Are you ready to apply 30 years of raw food know-how in a very short time from someone who will help you achieve your health, vitality and anti -aging goals with a plan that WORKS? Learn the specific how-to’s that apply to you and your busy life from me, your very own personal 30 years raw food expert and 20 year teacher, author and chef.

Your consultation with me is created to empower you. While I will make specific suggestions re: food, recipes, menu plans, supplements, etc, I may also be guiding you in directions where you will be doing your own research-perhaps giving you the name of an expert on a subject that is important to you, or suggesting a book to read, a clinic to find out more about, that type of thing.

I believe that we each need to be our own expert about our health and will do my best to inform and guide you in that direction. But you are your own best expert. Our conversation will begin with a complementary 10 minute phone call to determine if I can be of help to you with your particular issues.


Raw Food Business Consult

As a Raw Food Teacher for over 20 years, as well as an author and chef, I offer business consulting to help you plan out your career or business launch. If you’d like to develop a profitable business teaching raw food classes, a good place to begin is with my Ready~Set~Teach course; which can be combined with 1:1 private consults with me.

If you have a great idea and want to put it into book form, I am familiar with all aspects of publishing and can help guide and educate you to help you avoid pitfalls and understand the nature of being an author. Our conversation will begin with a complementary 10 minute phone call to determine if I can be of help to you with your background and business goals. If you already have a raw food/health related business and want to build it up, we can use the complementary phone call to start to brainstorm ways to improve and decide together if I can be of help to you.