Thank you for visiting my site! If you are here, you are probably searching for quick-and-easy ways to feed yourself and your family to create improved health, vitality and anti-aging. Perhaps you have a specific health challenge, or maybe you just want to avoid life-sapping illness, rapid aging and disease.

Well you have come to the right place! At 73 I am leading a busy and productive life. I’ve been raw for almost 30 years and teaching people about how to incorporate more raw food into their diet for more than 20 years.

I have distilled 30 years of raw food and alternative health experience into simple how-to’s for busy women who want to Go Raw. I can show you how  to successfully Go Raw for health, vitality and anti-aging.

Here is a brief overview of some of the many ways that I can help you:

Books, eBooks and Programs

c2e799d9eb141b8ace20a722f3c24e54.image_.238x312My book, The Raw Gourmet is considered to be the BEST FIRST raw food recipe and information book to buy. With over 250 recipes, mostly simple, mostly properly food-combined, filled with full color photos and everything you need to know under one cover, this is a terrific STARTING POINT. The Raw Gourmet is a physical book and includes a digital gift, The Little eBook of Raw Soups.

rawfoodcelebrationsNEWS FLASH! Most of the recipes in Raw Food Celebrations are MAKE-AHEAD! You’ll find Menus for Every Occasion, such as: Italian, Thai, Brunch, Traditional Holidays, Cocktail Party, Light Luncheon Buffet.

Personalized Coaching and Consultations

Programs..from my Free 7 day Living Foods Wellness Guide Series to my Teach the Teachers Course

Programs..from my Free 7 day Living Foods Wellness Guide Series-The Raw Truth to my Teach the Teachers Course, I offer programs for whatever stage you are at. If you want to DE-MYSTIFY how to eat raw food, take a look at Raw Food for the Real World, an 8 week online course complete with: ebooks, recipes, grocery lists, food demo videos and audios with guest speakers to broaden your knowledge and confidence. If you are an experienced raw fooder and have been thinking about starting a business teaching raw food classes, take a look at Ready~Set~Teach.

Want to peek inside the private kitchen of 24 successful raw fooders?

Check out What do Raw Fooders Eat…it’s kind of like reading “People” Magazine only it’s everything you have ever wanted to know about raw fooders but were afraid to ask including every single thing each person ate for one full week…and the recipes.

Unless you are a nutritionist, it’s complicated to create a unified food plan from a shelf full of recipe books. This cohesive collection of related meals gives you proven weekly meal plans.

If you love to learn by example, then check this out: 24 Successful Raw Fooders wrote down every morsel they ate for one full week. And I mean EVERYTHING: what superfoods, supplements, brand names, recipes (mostly very simple) etc.

You will see every day people in this book, as well as some well known raw fooders like: Russell James, Rhonda Malkmus, Penni Shelton, Philip McClusky, Nate Crane, Elaina Love, Tonya Zavasta, and many more stars and rising stars!