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I am seeking info on starting a raw food diet. I wanted recommendation for reasonably priced  blender to make the green smoothies. the Vitamix is more than i can spend at this time. any other options?

- Cheryl

Nomi’s Answer

Hi Cheryl

This is tough, as a really powerful blender is your first essential big purchase for a smooth running raw food lifestyle.

I actually prefer the Ktec to the Vitamix. Go to http://www.rawgourmet.com/blender for the reasons why.

It is true that they are both expensive. My first couple of years of all raw I was using an old (OLD) Oster Blender. But I wasn’t
trying to blend up whole frozen bananas in it or whole carrots. I grated the carrots, then put them in with other liquids then did
my blending. In fact I wrote the entire Raw Gourmet book using that OLD Oster blender plus a juicer and a food processor.

So it’s not IMPOSSIBLE by any means to get by for quite some time with a pokey ol’ blender. I do recommend you dig up a food processor
somewhere as well. Even Walmart has some cheap ones (24.95) that will last you awhile.

As you get more and more into it, you will want to save up to get a Ktec…it saves a ton of time and allows you to create things you just can’t do otherwise.

But truth be told, especially in the beginning you will do just fine with what you’ve already got at home. If you don’t already own a blender I really haven’t got a suggestion for an inexpensive one. Certainly a $150 blender will be better than a $50 or $90 one but it seems a shame to spend anything but the minimum as you will probably be shooting for the Ktec one of these days.

If you find you can’t make certain things like green smoothies, frozen concoctions, etc…just take the ingredients and cut or chop into a salad, or soup, or put in a food processor.

You know you can be all raw just by eating all the fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds pretty much as they come…so don’t let it stop you that you aren’t all stocked up equipment wise, and I do recommend that you purchase a book rather than troll the internet for your recipes as I think you will find that most of the internet recipes are assuming you own the high powered blender. Start with The Raw Gourmet and if you happen to find an older (50’s or 60’s) Oster Blender that still works at a garage sale…GRAB IT.

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