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Raw food support downloadable course by Nomi Shannon.

21 days of menus, grocery lists & tele-seminars to help you

transition from SAD to raw in 21 days or at your own pace.

Raw Food Diet – 21 Days to Better Health
by Nomi Shannon the Raw Gourmet

Voted #1 for Best Raw Vegan Educator

***Instant Download***

Live Your Best Life NOW

Raw Food Diet – 21 Days to Better Health Program
by Nomi Shannon the Raw Gourmet-Instant Download

*21 Days to Better Health*

with Nomi Shannon, the Raw Gourmet


Do you STILL feel like you need to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Your Health
  • Gain Energy
  • Detox/Cleanse
  • Become a Kitchen Diva*

In the very first tele-seminar, learn about the Three Secret Fail- Safe Steps to Success on Starting and continuing your raw food diet.

In the second tele-seminar, Learn the Five Simple Tricks you can use to stay raw even if you work Mon-Fri from 9-5

In the Next teleseminar -Learn 25 Really Quick Good for You Snacks

Your instant download package includes:

  • 8 hours of teleseminars
  • Three eBooks filled with recipes, grocery lists, etc.
  • Plus additional BONUS 8 hours of teleseminars(a $49.95 value)

Plus these additional bonuses:
  • The Little eBook of Raw Soups value $7.00


  • The Little eBook of Raw Smoothies value $7.00
  • The Little eBook of Raw Dressings value $7.00

The value of the 3 eBook bonuses equals another $21.00!

What, a Product that costs $99.00 with bonuses

of $49.95 ++PLUS++ another $21.00???=$70.95 in BONUSES

YES YOU CAN CLAIM Nomi’s awesome Raw Food Diet-21 Days to Better Health program for yourself,
Plus all these valuable bonuses for only  $99

(just to be perfectly clear let me count this up for you: 16 hours of MP3 seminars, +6 (six) eBooks all for a measley 99.00)


(If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?)*

YOU CAN Make it happen **NOW**

You can:

  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Your Health
  • Gain Energy
  • Detox/Cleanse
  • Become a Kitchen Diva*

In the very first tele-seminar, learn about the Three Secret Fail- Safe Steps to Success on Starting and continuing your raw food diet.

In the second tele-seminar, Learn the Five Simple Tricks you can use to stay raw even if you work Mon-Fri from 9-5

In the Next teleseminar -Learn 25 Really Quick Good for You Snacks

In 21 Days to Better Health with Nomi Shannon and Kevin Gianni

Discover How to:

  • Succeed even with a Hurried Life Style
  • Do Food Prep Quickly and Easily
  • Be Prepared
  • Start your day off right, every day
  • Recognize and deal with detox symptoms
  • Understand the truth behind cleansing and de-toxification
  • Keep Food Fresh
  • Deal with Temptations Especially When Out
  • Avoid Losing Too Much Weight
  • Eliminate Digestive Distress
  • Make food Shopping a Breeze with grocery lists provided
  • Get Enough Variety


’21 days to Better Health’ brought to you by Nomi Shannon, the Raw Gourmet


    • Five tele-seminars

(Listen as webcast or Download to your IPOD or MP3)


  • (3 eBooks – filled with recipes, plans, grocery lists, hints and tips)


  • Weekly At- A-Glance Menu Charts
  • All your Recipes for Three Weeks
  • Your Grocery List for Each Week
  • A Separate eBook for Each Week

And since it’s not all about the food, learn Kevin Gianni’s 8 step process-this will prepare you to soar beyond the health and fitness goals you thought you could never achieve.

What You Will Get Out Of This Raw Food Diet-21 Day Program:

  • Start off Right living your best life NOW
  • Learn how to Gently Detox
  • Learn how to recognize detox/cleansing symptoms, and what to do about them
  • Gain or regain your health
  • Lose Weight (or not!)
  • Utilize the Healing Aspects of Raw Food
  • Learn What to Eat
  • Learn the best and most efficient way to start off each day
  • Demystify Grocery lists
  • Learn new goal setting strategies
  • And much, much more!

Some comments from the last group:

******I’ve been in the raw food world since 1999 – but was having difficulty continuing the lifestyle since moving to the east coast from CA in 2002. These 21 days- the menus, and shopping lists have renewed my resolve.

*****I’ve appreciated Nomi’s encouragement to JUST DO IT without judgment and delay. I’ve learned a lot of “positivity” and much needed strategies from Ken (note from Nomi: Ken was the Motivational Psychologist in Group 1, the package with Ken is offered as a bonus further on in this course description.) I’ve also listened to the tele-seminars and have gotten a lot out of them.

******I LOVE your sense of humor, Nomi! And your attention to detail. I’ll be there at the tele-seminar tomorrow night! Good night!!

******Thanks Nomi I have more of a daily routine now. I have more ideas on how I can continue and stay consistently raw. I’m so loving the yummy souffle. I’m actually making it for my husband as part of our Valentine’s tete-a-tete treats. P.S. Nomi, love your sense of humor. I sincerely hope that I get the live version someday soon.

****Nomi has been such a great gal, and her sense of humor is grand too! Ken has given us great tools to help us be successful, and I am forever grateful.

****** Nomi ~What I love about you is that you are so REAL! Thanks for being transparent with us, and being such an encourager! That means so much to me. I love the green drinks, …I love all the raw foods, and love to eat all the ingredients that are going in the soup …

*****My three week plan is do the 3 weeks all over.

Here are my intended outcomes for you

  • Instill Good Habits
  • De-mystify Raw Food Preparation
  • De-mystify Food Shopping
  • De-mystify cleansing and healing and how to deal with it
  • Learn How To Make Quick Good-For-You Snacks
  • Learn How To Eat Well Even Tho You Work Mon-Fri 9-5
  • You Will Notice The Difference In How You Feel In Three Weeks
  • Learn new goal-setting tactics
  • And much much more
    • Raw Holiday Recipes eBook value $19.98
    • The Little eBook of Raw Soups value $7.00
    • The Little eBook of Raw Smoothies value $7.00
    • The Little eBook of Raw Dressings value $7.00
    • The 21 Days To Better Health Program
    • 8 Bonus Hours (free for a limted time)
    • Raw Holiday Recipes eBook
    • The Little eBook of Raw Smoothies
    • The Little eBook of Raw Soups
    • The Raw/Not Naked Salad Dressings eBook

  • Listen to the Webcast from your computer or download to your MP3 or IPOD

    When offered *live* the price of this course cost $249.99-


    What do you get?

    Eight hours of downloadable seminars PLUS 3  eBooks and, *SPECIAL BONUS*:

    For a limited time only I am offering a **FREE BONUS** of NINE (9) additional hours of seminars. Soon, I will be offering this

    bonus nine hours of seminars at the time of purchase of the 21 Days to Better Health program for an additional $49.95!

    The amazing introductory price

    for all this support from Nomi

    includes the $49.95 bonus

    seminars for absolutely free!! (for now….)

    Only **99.00**

    *** Buy Now ***


    or keep reading for more information:

    That’s 10 tele-seminars (over 16 hours)

    plus 3 eBooks and bonus 3 more eBooks=6

    includes guidance in motivation and fitness from Kevin Gianni and motivation and understanding our psychological issues about food and diet with Ken Kesslin (in the FREE BONUS)

    Your program includes 10 teleseminars- over 16 hours of recorded support and teaching time-including Q and A from the two live courses.

    This is over 16 hours of teaching time. My personal 1 on 1 consulting time is $150 an hour= this is a $2400+ value

    All your menus, recipes, and grocery lists as well as timely tips and advice would cost at least $100.00 a week (Easy to follow-info will in downloadable pdf form)=$300.00

    Then there is your motivational coach Kevin Gianni, his time with you is worth more than $600.

    And psychologist Ken Kesslin, his time with you is worth more than $600.

    All of this adds up to almost $4000.00 dollars and I haven’t even mentioned the benefit to you of being able to use this information over and over to keep yourself motivated-both the written information and the 16 Plus hours of hearing Nomi and her guest speakers address all aspects of your 21 Days to Better Health Program. Not meant to do just once and forget it-do your 21 days and gain in expertise and confidence then build on that and do it again and again, tweaking your recipes and listening whenever you want to your choice of over 16 hours of cutting edge raw food information from well-known raw food expert Nomi Shannon.

    So how can I offer a fantastic support environment like this for only $99.00? The answer is of course THE MIRACLE OF THE INTERNET AND THE TELESEMINAR.

    You would literally be paying Kevin, Ken and I thousands of dollars if we were talking to you one on one, and yet you receive the benefits of one on one coaching in this vibrant program.

    Live Your Best Life NOW

    21 Days to Better Health

    with Nomi Shannon, the Raw Gourmet

    (If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?)*

    In this 21 day support program, we will be covering the basics of simple raw eating; and instilling some good habits. You are going to be learning how to make your food, even with today’s hurried lifestyle, what to buy, what to have in the house, how it feels-you do not need to know everything on Day One!!!

    In fact, because of the valuable bonus offer, you are going to be exposed to this information twice, in varying ways, by listening to both sets of tele-seminars-each time with a different guest support speaker and each time, the information will be presented differently. For example one seminar devotes a great deal of time to detoxification and cleansing/healing symptoms while the other one spends more time talking about specific recipes and answering more questions about practical day to day matters such as sprouting.

    We all know that repetition is vital to learning-you will receive the benefits of having the audio from two complete workshops! For the price of less than one workshop!! All this information in conjunction with the 3 weekly eBooks will insure that you can be living your best life NOW, if you are willing to change a few habits and learn some new approaches to living a healthy life. If, like me, you find that knowledge is motivating then this is the course for you.

    In the beginning we are going to baby you, tell you each step to take, and at the end of the three weeks you will be comfortable with the process and able to continue on your own.

    Important Note: I thought that this course would appeal most to new or aspiring raw fooders, but in fact-50% or more of the attendees were long term or experienced raw fooders. The feedback from them was heartwarming. They experienced the course as getting back on track, some were reminded of recipes and tricks they had forgotten. The experienced raw fooders loved the course as much as the people new to raw or struggling with raw, and they added much to the course-in the Q & A’s on the teleseminars that you will be listening to.

    When you have completed the 21 days, you will always have the downloadable tele-seminar recordings to listen for motivation, inspiration and education as many times as you want, as well as the daily and weekly menu planners, recipes and shopping lists for each week. NOW THAT IS SUPPORT! There will be plenty of variety with your three week food cycle I create for you- so you can be comfortable that you will be obtaining proper well-rounded nutrition. Your food plans are something you will be able to use over and over.

    There is just so much to tell you about this program, and I am so excited to have created it for you -AND DON’T FORGET -included in this program you have the ability to download the ten tele-seminars from two different 21 Days to Better Health Programs, with different guest speakers and subjects covered, and listen to them any time you want! That’s over 16 hours of The Raw Gourmet’s wit and wisdom. HOW GREAT IS THAT?

    Would you be willing to pay $6 dollars and change to listen to the wit and wisdom of Nomi Shannon? Not even counting the value of the 3 eBooks you will be receiving, that is what all this wealth of information is costing you: a one time cost of $6.21 per hour to listen to Nomi Shannon The Raw Gourmet whenever you want to! Toss in the value of the 3 eBooks and your 21 Days to Better Health Program is a true value and a great benefit. Take advantage of Nomi’s generous introductory price and act now before she comes to her senses and starts charging what this program is really worth-

    It is probably extremely naive of me to offer so much quality and quantity that took so much of my time for so little money so I can fairly safely say: The price for this downloadable program will never again be so low!

    So Go for it!

    (If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going To Live?)*

    The Amazing price for all this support from Nomi is only $99.00


    Buy Now:http://rawgourmet.com/21-days-health-program#now

    or keep reading for more information:

    Note: The tele-seminars have been recorded and are downloadable for all registered attendees. Access them by internet webcast, or download them to any MP3. This makes it possible for people from foreign countries to join us. If you are from outside the US and would like to participate, please email cisca@rawgourmet.com and let Cisca, the manager at Raw Gourmet know that you would like to be an attendee, she will help you make the payment arrangements as my online shopping cart does not accept foreign orders, this includes Canada. We had folks from France, Germany and Ireland in our last 21 Days group.

    You will be receiving the downloads from two separate 21 Days groups, with different guest speakers and subject matter, though the 21 Days basic material will be similar but presented in different ways.

    Still Not Convinced?

    The Spring Kick Off is a free tele-seminar Event that was recorded in the spring of this year. It IS the first part of the series, but you can listen to it for free. This tele-seminar is structured to get you going on your 21 Days to Better Health program whether you are signing up for the series or not.

    Listen to the Kick Off tele-seminar event free:


    Enjoy Nomi’s talented guest speakers and listen to Nomi’s wit and wisdom as you launch your 21 Days to Better Health by listening to the free kick off tele-seminar event and invite your friends. We look forward to you joining us.

    Plus these additional bonuses:

    Not even INCLUDING the $49.95 VALUE of the BONUS 8 HOURS OF MP3 LISTENING -
    The value of the 3 eBook bonuses equals $21.00 more!

    What, a Product that costs $99.00 with bonuses
    with a value of $70.95 ?
    YES NOW YOU CAN CLAIM Nomi’s awesome 21 Days to Better Health program for yourself,

    Plus all these valuable bonuses for only 99 bucks!

    Buy Now:http://rawgourmet.com/21-days-health-program#now


    Our speakers for this first event are:

    Kevin Gianni is a raw food fitness and motivational expert. On this tele-seminar Kevin will begin to reveal the 8 Step process that will prepare you to soar beyond the health and fitness goals that you never thought you would be able to achieve. We will finish this 8 step process during the rest of the course.

    Currently hundreds of people have been experiencing the benefits of juice feasting, David and Katrina Rainoshek will be speaking during their 50th day of an all juice feast-we will talk about that, and how it fits in with 21 Days to Better Health.

    Who is Nomi Shannon:

    Nomi Shannon is the author of the best selling all- raw book, The Raw Gourmet, and Raw Food Celebrations, co-written with Sheryl Duruz. The Raw Gourmet is filled with photographs of the yummy food Nomi creates in the over 250 recipes in the book. Not just a recipe book, the Raw Gourmet is considered to be ‘The raw food bible’ and the BEST first raw book to buy. In it Nomi discusses the equipment you need, how to be raw with little equipment, and the best equipment including brand names. You will discover sprouting, best seasons for buying, how to store food, a food glossary, food combining charts and much more. Once you have read The Raw Gourmet from cover to cover, you will know everything you need to know to have a raw food kitchen.

    Nomi highly recommends that you use The Raw Gourmet book in conjunction with 21 Days to Better Health program.

    Nomi began her raw food journey over 20 years ago – and in the early 1990′s, she worked at the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida for several years, where she ran the Health Educator Program as well as serving as Program Counselor.

    Nomi graduated from Framingham State College in Massachusetts in 1983 with a degree in psychology and went on to Boston University to work on a Masters in Social Work. During those years Nomi realized that food and its effects holistically-body and mind-were more of a passion for her than psychological counseling. In 1987 Nomi began her own raw food journey by starting at 50% raw and becoming 100% raw the following year. Now, Nomi maintains a 100% raw regime most of the time, with some cooked food some of the time.

    A Certified Hippocrates Health Educator since 1995, Nomi also has training and experience as an iridologist, is a reiki master (non-practicing) and has training and experience in herbal and homeopathic remedies. Although she is very knowledgeable in many alternative health modalities, the dominant subject that Nomi writes and teaches about is raw food- from therapeutic to gourmet.

    It is Nomi’s belief that a food regime that includes at least 50% raw food over a person’s life time will have positive effects on the health and well-being of that person. When one is able to observe first hand, as Nomi has, the miracles of healing that can occur with 100% raw food and cleansing and detoxing when a person is ill; she feels that it stands to reason that a high raw food program in a healthy person will help to avoid illness. Over the years Nomi has proven to herself both personally and by observation of others that the delights of looking and feeling years younger than their actual age, along with being vibrantly healthy, far outweigh any small inconvenience in time and effort to learn how to eat well.

    Without judgment-Nomi would rather see a person eats 50% raw for the rest of their life, than 100% raw for three weeks.

    Nomi currently resides in Bonsall, California with Rocky the Dog, age 6 and their new little dog, Marley J. Roo, age 2ish. Nomi has two children and one grandchild.

    Who is Kevin Gianni

    Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author, and film consultant. He has helped thousands of people from over 85 different countries learn more and improve their health through his programs and online seminars.

    He is the creator and co-author of “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution,” the optimal wellness system that helps busy people reach optimal health using only three to four hours of their precious time a week. His expertise includes exercise, energy techniques, nutrition, paradigm shifting and stress relief, as well as being a top notch motivator!

    Kevin got his start in graduate school researching holistic modalities at Western Connecticut State University. While doing so, he learned many different non-traditional approaches to solve very traditional fitness and health problems. Since then, he has been studying and putting those techniques and philosophies into practice through one-on-one and group sessions.

    His techniques are embraced by busy people because they are simple, easy-to-use, and guaranteed to get results in just a few days. He uses a simple, “take action” approach to fitness that is welcomed by many who’ve been duped by the gadgets, magazine articles, and flavor-of-the-month scientific studies.

    His book and techniques have changed the lives of busy entrepreneurs, business owners and more nationwide:

    “Your program really helped to put me on the right track and everything that’s happened in my life since then has contributed to my success. I just want to thank you for your energy and motivation and to let you know that you’ve really made a difference in my life – something I’ll never forget. :) You’re great!!!” Lisa M., Golden’s Bridge, NY

    Kevin is responsible for helping thousands and thousands of people around the world reach a level of health and fitness they never thought was possible. He is often quoted as promising “maximum results in the minimum amount of time… guaranteed!”

    He’s also interviewed many of today’s top health and wellness experts including Dr. Mark Hyman, Mike Adams, Nomi Shannon, Bob Doyle, David Wolfe, Dr. Michael Breus, Victoria Boutenko, Danny Dreyer, Marion Nestle, and dozens more.

    In addition to being a published author and health advocate, Kevin is a shameless trail running addict and pretty good guitar player. Currently traveling around the country and the world with his wife and business partner Annmarie and their cat, Jonny 5.

    For a free “Quick Start” Health Package to help you reach new levels of health, please visit www.TheRenegadeHealthShow.com

    Who is Ken Kesslin

    Ken Kesslin is a leadership coach, working with people who want to lead dramatic change in their own lives and in the world.

    Ken is a gifted listener and trusted confidant. Clients say that his ability to share challenging feedback with care and compassion allows them to hear the truth and motivates them to change. He helps individuals gain deep clarity about their personal purpose and then understand how that can empower their lives and their ability to successfully make change.

    Ken graduated Phi Beta Kappa, earned undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University, and a Masters in Social Work from New York University. He has advanced training and certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis, is qualified in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), certified to use The Leadership Circle Profile 360™, and accredited to administrator The Hay Group’s Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) 360, an executive leadership assessment instrument developed in collaboration with Dan Goleman. Ken has co-designed and led two national coach training programs.

    Ken believes that we each have deep, untapped potential to be healthy, powerful, and effective. Most of our social conditioning – from family, schooling, and friends – leads us to believe that we are not capable of making the changes we want. This is simply untrue. With targeted coaching, anyone can begin to undo a lifetime of conditioning and start creating the life that you truly want. Ken’s work is dedicated to helping others make these transformational shifts.

    To learn more about Ken Kesslin, go to www.kesslin.com

    *book title, author Jane Pentz ( I have not read this book I just love the title)

    *kitchen diva: a person who is comfortable and proficient in the kitchen, who prepares food easily, quickly and joyfully.

    21 Days to Better Health

    only 99.00

    Looking forward to helping you take Giant Steps in improving your health and increasing your vitality and energy

    for Everything that’s Good in Life!

    Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed!

    Once you purchase 21 Days to Better Health with Nomi,

    I’ll give you ten full days to try it out. If after

    following the program and listening to the

    teleseminars, you haven’t gained some benefits

    to help you on your raw food path, I’ll completely

    refund your money, no questions asked.

    If you sign up later for a Live Version course with Nomi

    the entire price of this program will be deducted from it

    Furthermore, if you choose at a later date to sign up

    for a LIVE version of “21 Days to Better Health”,

    Or Your Raw Food Diet Live, the entire cost of this

    program  will be discounted from purchase of a LIVE program.

    Everything Is Included!!!

    Nomi Shannon Creator of 21 Days to Better Health

    Nomi Shannon, A.K.A. The Raw Gourmet, is the author of the best selling raw vegan book The Raw Gourmet, and co-author of Raw Food Celebrations. In 2008, Nomi received three ‘Best of Raw Awards’ for Best Raw Educator, Favorite Raw Chef and Favorite Raw Book (for Raw Food Celebrations), co-written with Sheryl Duruz). Raw since 1987, Nomi has been featured in Alive magazine, Get Fresh, San Diego North County Times, Galveston News, as well as numerous radio shows. Nomi offers a free online newsletter as well as a free 7 part email class called The Raw Truth at www.rawgourmet.com.

    Best Raw Vegan Educator 2008
    Voted #1 for Best Raw Vegan Educator