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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Dear Nomi I love your cookbook, The Raw Gourmet. How can I use it to feed my 5 year old daughter and 19 month old son? A few weeks ago I radically stopped giving my daughter bread that she loved and ate so much. Now I am teaching her to eat vegetables. She now eats […]
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A Simple Reminder about Why We Eat Raw Food by Nomi Shannon Eating a high enzyme diet consisting of raw fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, grains and some seaweed will profoundly increase your chance of achieving optimal health. Eating predominantly cooked food puts a tremendous strain on the body. To understand why this is […]
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Many people have asked me about the differences between the two top selling heavy duty blenders, The K-tec and the Vita-Mix. There are two heavy duty blenders on the market worth talking about: The K-tec HP3 and the Vita Mix. These machines are about the same price, and are considered to be comparable. So if […]
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My Opinion in 2000/My Opinion in 2007 Written in Sept 2000: Should Supplements be included on a raw food diet? Many people have asked me how I feel about taking supplements while on a raw food diet. My answer has always been that in a perfect world, with perfect soil, perfect food and perfect eating […]
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Not as Healthy as You May Think By John Kohler A relatively recent trend in raw food preparation is the use of agave syrup (also called agave nectar) as a sweetener in raw recipes. I am often asked about my views on this sweetener. When I first switched to a raw food diet in 1995, […]
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Sesame seeds are best known as a topping for rolls and bread in North America, but in other parts of the world they are an important source of high quality protein and edible oil. These tiny light beige or black seeds are made up of 55% oil and 45% protein. The long shelf life of […]
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